Carson Simpson Farm is happy to get such great feedback from our campers and families after a rewarding summer.  Here are some of our friends from the Abington area.

Abington - CSF is really fun.  I always look forward to going every summer.  I love CSF and I promise you will too. EM, McKinley Elem, Abington School District

North Hills - "Top 10" Favorites
Homemade lunch everyday and no assigned seats at lunch
Active Counselors
Morning Dance
Swim everyday!
Always outside
In a group with kids your own age
Different subjects everyday
Creekwalking and fishing
JS, Copper Beech Elementary School

North Hills - "Top 10" Favorites
You are always outside
You always have something to do
Great staff
Cool lunches
Cool subjects
You learn about your religion and God
You have outdoor lunch every Friday
Fun games
They keep you safe
You swim in the pool on their property
AS, Copper Beech Elementary School

Abington - CSF is my home away from home. SM, Abington Jr. High

Abington - Watching my kids grow over their summers at CSF, I know they would not have such a close relationship with God without CSF.  They have developed a respect, kindness and love of others through the relationships they have developed over their summers at CSF, that will stay with them a lifetime. Camper Mom, Abington

Abington - CSF is a sanctuary where I am free to be myself....I have great friends@ is my second home. AJ, Open Door Academy

Abington - What is special to me about CSF is that we get to learn about the bible and have fun doing it...we play a lot of fun games with a lot of fun people working there....oh and I love the food...summer without CSF is BORING. IJ, Open Door Academy

Abington - I like camp because it is fun...I get to learn about God...I get to play with my friends and eat good is good@ CSF. GJ, Open Door Academy

Abington -  I like Carson Simpson camp because they have fun activities and a nice swimming pool. The campers and the staff are all very nice also. SB, Abington Jr. High School

Abington - Carson Simpson is the best camp for your kids to go to. They have great counselors there. They keep you occupied all day with fun games and activities. I recommend this camp to all kids. JB, Copper Beech Elementary School

 Abington - Carson Simpson Farm is a very nice camp. They have fun games, nice stuff, and they teach you nice things about God and Jesus. Carson Simpson Farm is a great camp for kids. MB, Copper Beech Elementary School

Abington - Mom loves Carson Simpson Farm too. I feel very confident leaving my children in your care everyday. Thank you for providing such a wonderful place for our kids.  Thank you, Mom of CB, JB, MB